First Impression – Growing Pains

Unlike Gateways or the Adventures of Shuggy, I couldn’t give this one a full thirty minutes to an hour. Not because the game was that bad, but because what the game comes with does not take that long. So instead I spent the next little bit of time looking over the editor and the workshop somewhat. It’s a neat little game with some simple and fun features. Seems like it could be fun to make some levels and send them to friends to challenge them to complete them. Not really my thing though.

Would I suggest this game: Well, like I said above. It’s a neat little game, pretty simple, but still a little fun. If you want to make levels with the editor and challenge your friends to complete them that would be one fun thing you could do with it.

Would I play it again: Probably not. The game doesn’t really capture my interest all that much, it’s a little fun, but nothing I would play continually.

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