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My name is Steven Potts, and Fleeting Infinity is one of the online identities I go by. I’m a writer, a game developer (programming mostly), a voice actor, a reader, a gamer, and a number of other things. I started hosting this site because I realized how important it was to have an online presence, it helps when it comes to Networking. The other reason I made it was pretty much just because I wanted to. Usually you’ll find my thoughts on different games in development, games I’m playing, or Kickstarters that I really want to see go through. Because some of those games really deserve to be made! Sometimes you may just find my thoughts on different things, or a short review on a book I’ve been reading. It really varies.

Either way, thanks for checking out my blog!

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My thoughts on games in development, games I'm playing, novels I'm reading, and occasionally sharing something I'm writing myself.