First Impression – Gateways

This is the second game from Smudged Cat Games that I also received from GamesMatter.

Just from what I saw of it to begin with this game looked the most interesting to me out of the three. I’m really very impressed with the mechanics of the Gateways. Kudos to the developer on that for making a very fun and well-developed mechanic there. Yes, it’s somewhat like an 8-bit platformer combined with portal, but it’s so much fun. Even though I usually do not get into platformers very much I really enjoyed this game. There’s a story there, but the gameplay itself is entertaining enough that it’s not really necessary.

Would I suggest this game: Definitely, it’s a really fun little game.

Will I play more of this game: I definitely will, might even do a stream of it in the next few days.

Link to Smudged Cat Games:

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