First Impression – Adventures of Shuggy

So this is my first “first impression” post, basically what it will entail is me playing a game for about thirty minutes to an hour at most and then detailing what I thought of the game and whether I would suggest it to someone else and if I plan to continue to play it myself past that point.

The first game is Adventures of Shuggy, I got this and two other games from GamesMatter through Twitter, all three games were made by Smudged Cat Games. Their website is

I’ll start this off by honestly saying this isn’t the type of game I’d normally pick up for the PC usually, but when I started up the game I liked the art style and the design of the character. It’s amusing and a neat and unique style that definitely seems to fit together throughout the game. I liked the comic style introductions and transitions it used, though I’m not entirely certain about the flow of the story in the intro.

Once I got into the games themselves they were interesting and provided unique little challenges, but honestly it was not anything I had not seen in a number of games on the mobile market. Though the addition of so many different mechanics did make it a little more interesting. Though the difficulty of challenge in the levels did not always seem to scale well, but that could be different from one player to the next. For me sometimes I’d have a hard time on one level and then breeze through the next one that had just opened up from beating that one.

Would I recommend this game: Maybe, it depends on whether you’re a fan of platform games and escalating challenges with a number of different mechanics being thrown at you. What will keep a player here is definitely the challenge and the gameplay, and not the story.

Will I continue to play the game: I’ll play it some more, but honestly I cannot say that I was enjoying it that much. The story didn’t really invest me in it enough for me to keep going through the different levels. While the new challenges were something, it still grew repetitive and boring to me over time, but then I’m a big RPG fan.

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